EL Series

August 17, 2017

13.5k is the new 12k Liftking’s LK135EL forklift has been engineered from the ground up to provide the highest capacity within the smallest footprint. Utilizing a very efficient design, a capacity of 13,500 lbs is now available in a machine no larger than a typical 12,000lb model. With these compact dimensions, there is no need to modify existing warehouse aisle width or layout. The abil ity to operate in side a standard ISO container has been an original design criteri a, as well as racking paper rolls 3-high.
Now that Liftking has achieved the benefits of high capacity with small size – why limit your capabilities with anything else?

The features you need

  • Compact size with high capacity
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Dual AC drive motors with high tractive force
  • Dedicated AC lift motor
  • Full electronic speed and steering control
  • Hydraulic over electric function controls
  • High capacity 80V battery
  • Ergonomic and functional cab
  • Maintenance points designed for easy access



Lift King