The 4.5 tonne pneumatic tire forklift is an excellent option for combined warehouse and yard applications. TEU is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various forklifts. The company is dedicated to producing forklifts that range from 4.5 tonne in capacity.  They are highly recognized due to their quality and excellent service.

Product Description


  • Our 4.5T LPG Forklift Trucks have gained the ISO9000:2008, CE and SGS certification.
  • The gasoline engine is energy-saving and powerful. It is equipped with an efficient and reliable hydraulic transmission system.
  • TEU 4.5T forklifts are designed to meet a variety of safety standards and specifications. It can meet the needs of various harsh working conditions.
  • This forklift truck is characterized by a modern appearance and preferred ergonomics. It is simple and convenient to operate.
  • The 4.5T LPG Forklift Truck is easy and convenient for maintenance, with access to the engine and transmission without the use tools.
  • The high strength steel frame is floated on a double damping system to ensure smooth and reliable operation.


  • Smaller turning radius.
  • The built-in tilt cylinder provides enough space for a driver to rest his feet.
  • The spacious cab option, with includes a heater and wipers, allows drivers to operate and enter and exit the forklift easily.
  • Another option is the hydraulic joystick. It is beneficial to reduce drivers’ fatigue.
  • The LPG tank holder is well designed to swing out and lower for more convenient changes.